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UIPanoramaView Part 2

After I wrote the initial version of my panorama view, I decided to port ViewDeck from ViewDeck. This was mostly to have something like that available to use with MonoTouch and partly to see what it would be like to port an Objective-C library to C#. All in all it went well and you can find it here. It did highlight something which I had glossed over and, to be quite honest, I had forgotten in my haste. I should have used view controller containment in order to allow a user of the panorama to add views that have a controller.

UIPanoramaView Part 1

One of the things I like about Windows Phone is the panorama view, and I’ve started to see a few examples of it appearing on iOS. A particularly nice example I’ve seen is Track 8. I wondered what would be involved in making something similar.

CQRS for MonoTouch

A while ago I started a project somewhat similar to MonoTouch.Dialog which I called MonoKit. A couple of twists and turns and I’ve ended up with a library that has some parts of what MonoTouch.Dialog does, a little bit of (INotifyPropertyChanged) binding support and a CQRS framework. I’m going to introduce the CQRS framework first as that’s the most complete bit.

Non-GC’d Event Handlers

When I first started out with MonoTouch and started wiring up event handlers it was fantastic. I could do a lot of things without having to go to much trouble or setting up of UIxxx delegates. Grand stuff. Then I started noticing that objects weren’t cleaned up and garbage collected when I thought they would be. What was going on?

Subclassing UIPageControl

The indicators of UIPageControl are white and grey, which is great on dark backgrounds but not so good when you have light or white background. You also can’t change much about its appearance which seemed a bit of a bother.

Using LoadNib to Load a View

Ok, so there was a gap between posts. My wife and I have been focusing a lot on renovating our house over the last while and finding time and energy to write just seemed an impossibility. Now that I feel I have some time to devote to developing with MonoTouch I hope to get some posts under way. This post shows how to load a view from a .xib file.

CoreData in MonoTouch

I have recently been learning Objective-C and iOS and have had some success. One of the things I wanted to try when starting off with iOS was to see how well MonoTouch would work for me, and I have had some success with that as well. Where I haven’t had much luck is with the CoreData bindings that were introduced in version 3.0.12.

The biggest issue for me was the complete lack of any samples, if you do know of any please let me know.

This post will be about my initial discovery of how you can use CoreData with MonoTouch.