Mostly MonoTouch with a chance of Other Stuff.

About Me

I’m originally from New Zealand, but now living in the beautiful hills near Melbourne, Australia. I have been developing software for almost twenty years.

Most of my career has been with a leading vendor of software to the smash repair industry. Our applications run the panel shops in which they are used; they manage the financial accounts (full accounting), workshop and capacity planning, time recording, loan car management, as well as the actual detail of what needs to repaired on the car and integrating with various insurance assessing systems. The software is mainly used in Australia, with a number of installations in New Zealand, India and Thailand.

Over the years, I’ve been the front line support and developer of our applications, a mentor to junior programmers and now the Team Leader for our team of 4 developers. I’ve ported our software from its DataFlex origins to Delphi and now a .NET (WPF), CQRS & Event Sourced architecture. I’ve built a Continuous Integration build server using FinalBuilder, and used automated tests with TestComplete.

I have solid skills with C#, WPF, Delphi, Sql Server, Interbase / Firebird and Pervasive. I have written numerous specifications, implemented and refactored my way through who knows how many lines of code.

Lately I have been diving into the wonderful world of MonoTouch and Mono for Android. My current explorations can be found on github.

I also hold a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences degree from the University of Waikato.

I enjoy playing badminton each week with a group of highly skilled players where the competition is fierce and, no wait, that’s not entirely true.

I can be contacted by emailing greg at this domain; @sgmunn on twitter. My wife, who is just amazing, blogs about family, food and craft.